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This information will be used by DMV solely in evaluating the request for a restricted driver license and the restriction applicant s ability to drive safely. Please answer all questions. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF HEALTH PROBLEM ExPECTED FINAL TREATMENT DATE ADDRESS wHERE TREATMENTS wILL BE ADMINISTERED IN YOUR PROFESSIONAL OPINION wOULD APPLICANT S CONDITION AND/OR TREATMENT BE LIkELY TO AFFECT HIS/HER DRIVING ABILITY No Yes If Yes please explain PRACTITIONER S SIGNATURE Part D CERTIFICATION...
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You California has zero tolerance laws when it comes to drivers who are under the age of 21 who drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in their system so if you were under the age of 21 you get pulled over and you take a blood or breath test and it registers a point zero one percent or greater you will face a one-year suspension of your driver's license under the zero-tolerance laws however you can still petition the DMV and the court for what is called a critical need restricted license under california vehicle code section 13 20 2.5 subsection c this critical need restricted license will allow you to drive to and from work and to and from school only for starters you need to fill out DMV form 694 and the DMV will only approve this license if you are legally present in California and can prove hardship conditions based on three basic general grounds school medical needs or employment under the school need you have to show that the school or public transportation options are inadequate for regular attendance to school and activities authorized by the school this application will need the signature of the school principal verifying such facts then the DMV may issue a restricted license or a junior permit giving restricted driving privileges to and from school and for school activities only under the medical need you need to show that city or public transportation options are inadequate and that the use of a motor vehicle is necessary due to the illness of a family member your application needs to be signed by a physician familiar with the illness and it should provide a diagnosis as well as an estimated time when the need for emergency travel will end finally under the employment need you need to show that public transportation is inadequate and that the use of a motor vehicle is necessary to drive to and from employment the income from which is essential to providing food clothing and shelter essential in this context means the pay from work must constitute a substantial portion for in individuals or families basic life necessities
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